40 Blog Post Ideas // Free Printable

I think we’ve all been in this situation: you want to publish a post but have no idea what to write about. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Here are 40 Blog Post Ideas for your Beauty and Lifestyle Blog. I’ve also created a free printable of the list for you guys, which you can download at the end of this post. I included some checkboxes to the list with ‘yes”no’and ‘maybe’. So you can print it, go through the list decide wich ones you like and put it in your blog planner and whenever you are short on post ideas just look at the list and choose the ideas you marked with ‘yes’

Do you like the printable? DO you want me to make more of them…like a free blog planner? Please voice your opinion in the comments below. Oh and if you have more great post ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments also.


  1. What’s in my Makeup bag
  2. Morning Routine
  3. Nighttime Routine
  4. Pampering Routine
  5. DIY’s (Office Makeover, Dormroom Decor, Spring Decor…)
  6. Skincare Routine
  7. Recipes
  8. Outfit of the Day
  9. How to stay Motivated
  10. Favorite Netflix Shows
  11. How to start a Blog
  12. A Day in the Life (of a Blogger)
  13. Favorite people to follow on Instagram
  14. Your favorite blogger
  15. Share some snaps from your weekend
  16. Dream Vacation Destination
  17. Everyday Makeup Routine
  18. Things you wanna do till your 20/25/30
  19. Workout Routine
  20. Storytime
  21. Challenge
  22. Reverse Bucketlist (what you already achieved)
  23. Why did you start blogging
  24. Where do you find your inspiration
  25. How do you organize your blog
  26. What’s your Favorite part about blogging
  27. Travel essentials
  28. what are you passionate about
  29. A fashion trend you love
  30. Your favorite stores to shop
  31. How to live a productive life
  32. Holiday / Season Specials (Christmas, Halloween, Summer, Autumn…)
  33. Monthly Favorites
  34. Start a series (Healthy eating, show your favorite coffee shops…yes I am a coffee addict:-))
  35. Get to know me tag
  36. Q & A
  37. How to take great Instagram pictures
  38. How to great an Instagram theme
  39. Places you should visit
  40. Travel Diary

Get your free printable here40-blog-post-ideas

I put a lot of work into my content and I’m happy to share these ideas and this printable with you. So please do not take the file and put it on your blog and claim it’s yours, that would make me really sad and that’s just not ok.

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24 thoughts on “40 Blog Post Ideas // Free Printable

  1. Gosh this came right on time, because I feel I’ve hit some sort of writer’s block!! I’ve looked up other possible ideas on other blogs as well, but yours I really like!1 Thank you for sharing!! xo, Jey.

    Liked by 1 person

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