Going Vegan // #LauraGoesVegan


pinterestrsstwitterinstagramHere it is my first post in the #LauraGoesVegan series. I quickly wanna explain a little bit on why I’m doing this series. I’ve been thinking about going vegan for quite some time, but never really made the step. I read a lot of blog posts about the subject and watched a lot of videos and tried to make ‘the connection that everyone was talking about. I always had a problem with lactose so I was already avoiding any products that contained milk or used the lactose-free option.

I started to watch a lot of different documentaries about Veganism and about the way animals are beeing treated and really dig into this topic and now I’m really at the point where I really wanna make a change.

In the last year, I had quite some health problems which is another reason why I wanna make the change and see if that will help me


So when you watch these videos and read these post most of the time they will tell you how great they feel and how easy it was to go vegan and that they don’t miss a thing. I wanna know if that is really true. That’s why I chose to start this series. It’s gonna be MY personal and honest diary of this journey, showing you the good and bad. Are there specific topics you want me to talk about in this series? Make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below or tweet me by using #LauraGoesVegan

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to push anybody in any direction. I think everybody has the right to make their own decisions and have their own beliefs. This is MY personal and honest diary! I will tell you the good and the bad. If you are a Vegan, you are very welcome to leave your advice or your experiences in the comments.


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